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Family, Immigration and Criminal Law

Over 60 years combined experience in Family, Immigration and Criminal Law

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Benjamin Levine and Keith Aartsen have a combined experience of over 60 years practicing law in Prince George, BC. They have focused their practices on matters of family, iimigration and criminal law

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Levine & Company

Benjamin D. Levine, C. Keith Aartsen, the lawyers of Levine & Company, have the knowledge and experience in family, immigration and criminal law to help you avoid the many pitfalls involved in the legal process.

Committed Northerners, we have focused our practice on the family and criminal law needs of the good people of Prince George and northern British Columbia and together have a combined experience of over 60 years.  

Our extensive experience, legal insight, and dedication to our clients combine to make Levine & Company a strong force that can confidently take matters all the way to trial. 

Benjamin D. Levine

Family, Immigration & Criminal Law

C. Keith Aartsen

Criminal Lawyer, retired consultant

Bill A. Coller (of Counsel)

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