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Notable Cases

2017 Cases

  • R. v T.M., 2017 BCSC 862 (CanLII) — 2017-01-05

                Charges: Second Degree Murder

                Result: Reduced to Manslaughter, 4 months in youth custody.  


                 Charges: Human Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Unlawful Confinement.

                 Result: Acquitted of all charges.


                 Issue on Appeal:  Correct Standard of Proof

                 Result: Trial Decision Upheld

2016 Cases

                 Issue: Terms of Discharge of Receiver

                 Result: Receiver Discharged and Entitled to Costs

2015 Cases

                Issue on Appeal:  Correct Standard of Proof

                Result: Trial Decision Upheld


                Charges-Production of Marijuana

                Result: Conditional Sentence


                Charges: Production of Marijuana

                Result: Charges Stayed due to Unreasonable Delay 

2014 Cases

  • Paul v. Paul, 2014 BCSC 944 (CanLII) — 2014-05-28 -  Prince George, BC

                Issue: Property Division After 32 Year Marriage

                Result: Equal Division 

2013 Cases

​​​​​​​                 Issue: Whether a debt contract existed and if so, whether it was breached;

                 Result: Debt Contract Found. Opposing Party Ordered to Pay Client


  • R. v. Qiang, 2013 BCSC 1597 (CanLII) — 2013-08-14 - Prince George, BC

                  Issue: Largest Marihuana Grow Op In Canadian History (at time)

                  Result: Acquitted of All Charges


  • A.M.W. v. D.F., 2013 BCPC 60 (CanLII) — 2013-03-14 - Prince George, BC

                   Issue: Child Support, Spousal Support, Impute Income

                   Result: Child and Spousal Support Ordered Based on $90,000.00 imputed income

2012 Cases

                    Issue: Application to Remove Counsel From Record

                    Result: Application Granted

2011 Cases:

​​​​​​​                     Issue: Interim Spousal Support Application

                     Result: Opposing Party Ordered to Pay $3247.00 Monthly in Spousal Support


  • R. v. Allard, 2011 BCSC 915 (CanLII) — 2011-04-01 - Prince George, BC

​​​​​​​                      Charges: Sexual Assault, Uttering Threats, Choking

                      Result: 33 Months Jail, 2 Years Probation

2010 Cases:

​​​​​​​                       Issue:  Whether Ex Parte Order Should Be Cancelled

                       Result: Order Upheld and Affirmed 

2008 Cases:

  • R. v. Craig, 2008 BCPC 365 (CanLII) — 2008-11-26 - Prince George, BC

​​​​​​​                        Charges: Assault with a Weapon, Break and Enter 

                        Result: Sentenced to 3 Years Jail (matter Appealed, but abandoned by client)


                         Issue: Application to Remove Opposing Counsel Due to Acting In Conflict 

                         Result: Opposing Counsel Disqaulified from Acting


                          Issue: Application for Bankrupt's Discharge Opposed by Client

                          Result: Discharge Suspended for 6 Months;


                           Charge: Driving While Prohibited

                            Result: Two Year Driving Prohibition


                            Charge: Second Degree Murder

                            Result: Reduced to Manslaughter, 6 years 8 months Jail

2007 Cases:

  • R. v. Fiddler, 2007 BCSC 344 (CanLII) — 2007-03-12 - Prince George, BC

​​​​​​​                            Charge: Criminal Negligence Causing Death

                             Result:  Reduced to Dangerous Driving Causing Death, 30 Months Jail


                             Issue Appealed: Whether Trial Judge Propertly Consdered  Defense of Self Defence

                             Result: Appeal Denied

2006 Cases

                             Charges: Production of Marijuana

                              Result: Convicted, 2 Years Jail

2005 Cases

                             Issue on Appeal:  Identity of Accused

                             Result: Insufficient Evidence of Identity- Appeal Allowed- Acquittal Entered


                              Issue on Appeal: Whether Crown Proved Accused had Knowledge of Prohibition

                              Result: Trial Decision Upheld

2004 Cases

2003 Cases

  • R. v. Soto, 2003 BCPC 179 (CanLII) — 2003-05-13 - Prince George, BC

2002 Cases 


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