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Driving Offences, including all Motor Vehicle

Charged with a Driving Offence? Phone us now at 250 960 2169

Only had one or two drinks?  Think you're ok to drive?  Many people answer yes to these questions, and are surprised when they are stopped, tested, and find themselves charged with a driving offence. And make no mistake, convictions for alcohol related driving offences in BC are the toughest in Canada, and have long term, severe consequences.  

If you’ve been charged with a DUI offence you need Keith Aartsen to defend you. Mr. Aartsen has successfully defended hundreds of people in Prince George and Northern BC against charges of impaired driving, immediate roadside prohibitions, impaired driving causing death, as well as other non alcohol related offences such as driving while prohibited. 

Don't lose your driver’s license; Avoid a criminal record

This is the goal.  Many people need their driver's license to earn income, or assist relatives with their daily needs.  Losing it can be catastrophic.  In addition, a conviction for an alcohol related offence involves severe penalties with long term negative consequences.  The good news is that experienced lawyers have the very specialized skills and knowledge to successfully defend against those consequences.  Keith Aartsen is one of those lawyers.  Phone us for a consultation!

Your Constitutional Right to the Presumption of Innocence

Were you drunk while driving?  Did you have too much to drink?  Stop!  These are the WRONG questions to ask.  It is the Crown that must answer the questions, and if they can't, they lose their case.  Is there PROOF BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT?  The answer is often NO!  You need a lawyer who knows how to RAISE DOUBT about Crown's case against you.  Keith Aartsen has over 40 years experience in Prince  George doing exactly that.  Phone us now!


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