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Divorce and Separation

Benjamin D. Levine has been representing people in Prince George and Northern British Columbia with their family legal problems for over 18 years. No one plans to go through divorce or separation when they get married; however it happens, and when it does it is critically important to understand the law, the process and the implications of the decisions you now must make. Bad decisions can have long term effect. Issues arising upon separation include divorce, custody, support, property division, and sometimes protection from family violence. It is vitally important to understand that every decision you make in this process has consequences. Having a lawyer experienced in family law is highly advisable.

Getting a Divorce in British Columbia

Divorce Draft by Divorce Lawyer Ben Levine in Prince George

Only a Judge can grant a divorce in BC. You can settle all other issues with your spouse by agreement. But not so a divorce. To get one, you must apply to the Supreme Court of BC. Obtaining a divorce order can be simple or complex, depending on the issues at play. Call us today for a consultation. 

No Fault Divorce

Prior to 1973, in order to get a divorce, one of the spouses had to be at fault, such as committing adultery, or being abusive. This often made it difficult to get divorced, as you had to prove the grounds. In 1973 the law changed in Canada so that fault was taken out of the equation. Now, grounds sufficient to grant a divorce include the situation where the spouses have lived "separate and apart for more than one year".

Children Involved?

If you have children, obtaining a divorce can be more difficult, as the Court will not make a divorce order unless it is satisfied any children of the marriage will be adequately supported after the divorce is issued. This can sometimes create difficulties, and it is a good idea to get some legal advice about how to proceed in order to facilitate a speedy and efficient process. 

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