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Child Custody

Parental Alienation

Prince George BC lawyer Benjamin D. Levine has over16 years experience representing parents who are being intentionally alienated from their children by their ex spouse.  Unfortunately, this is more common than you might think.  In cases with high conflict, it is completely normal for the children or child to feel hurt and angry with their parents. However, there are some tell tale signs that a child may have become alienated from his or her parent. If the child displays only anger or hate towards one parent only and has no guilt or remorse after acting out against that parent. The child may make up unrealistic reasons for their anger toward a particular parent or they may make accusations based on scenarios that never happened. The child will often protect the other parent's actions and feelings while directing their anger beyond the affected parent to extended family or friends of the affected parent. The child might also express frustration or anger towards having to spend time with the affected parent.

Note that parental alienation only applies if there is no justifiable reason for the child's reactions toward their parent. This is particularly true if addiction or abuse is involved in which case the court will take action to protect the child's interests.

If you have become a victim of parental alienation we can help. we can have qualified neutral experts such as child psychologists or therapists brought in to help with your case. They can both help your case and protect your child's best interests. Whether you need to change you parenting agreement due to parental alienation, or other reasons, be sure to follow the rules of your current agreement in the meantime. We will do our best to protect your child or children you love.

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