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Division of Family Property

More often than not money problems are involved in high conflict divorce cases. In such cases the process of dividing up the family estate can get out of control if not properly managed. We have helped many clients get through this difficult time and find solutions that work best for them. Let us help guide you through the complexities of property division in a controlled environment to help prevent costly litigation routes.

Dividing Family Property

When the time comes to split up the marital assets, those of highest value often come up first. High value property will include anything from family businesses to private practices to real estate and so on. You will want to consider the value of any pension plans or retirement savings plans and investments. If extended family members significantly contributed financially to the marriage or relationship this generational wealth will be considered part of the family assets as well. Proper management and experience in these situations will help lead to the ideal solution for you and your partner. Our Lawyers can help find a solution that will work for you and your partner.

Managing Power Differentials

You might find during the time of divorce or separation that bank accounts rapidly become empty or disappear and or shared credit cards get maxed out. If your partner has control of the money or access to shared accounts and credit cards you will want to take action quickly to prevent the above consequences and protect your portion of the assets. It is best to be prepared with statements and documents prior to getting a divorce; however if you haven't already, you will want to make sure you get copies of all statements and accounts as soon as possible and document any verbal and non verbal agreements. Such documentation is of utmost importance as a judge can do very little without proper documentation and evidence. Our lawyers can assist you in gathering the information you need. If you find assets and documents are suddenly disappearing, contact us, well help you track them down.

If you aren't familiar with working with money and accounts, get help from a skilled an confident lawyer. To often people get burned for assuming everything will just work out. Or sometimes they sign an agreement waiving their rights to property or support. In any case we can help.

Taxes and Divorce

If your family has significant assets and you think taxes might be a concern please contact us. We can make sure you are prepared for the potential issues that might arise from taxes when a plan is not in place. We can work with tax specialists to ensure your finances are in good standing and the future of your finances is clear.

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