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Negotiations and Agreeents

How can I Protect My Assets? - What Kind of Agreement do I Need?

If you are concerned about your assets or wondering how you can protect your assets you may be considering getting an agreement set up. So what kind of agreement do you need? That really depends on your circumstances.

If it seems like you marriage or relationship is beyond repair come and speak with us as soon as possible to get your options. We'll help you negotiate a separation agreement that can protect the assets you care about. On the other hand if you are just considering moving in with your partner or buying a home together you may want to consider a cohabitation agreement. These agreements let you and your partner decide together how you would divide up all the assets should you split up in the future. These agreements can also include terms for spousal support and terms that dictate how you would like to resolve disputes should they arise. Now if you are considering marriage a prenuptial agreement will be the most appropriate. Like a cohabitation agreement, prenuptial agreements also let you and your spouse to be decide how assets will be divided at the end of the relationship as well as how disputes should be dealt with.

Regardless of what kind of agreement is right for you and your partner, you will need to make sure it is fair. If it isn't fair it won't provide much in the way of protection for your assets. Unfair agreements are often dismissed by the court. Likewise if the court finds that one spouse signed an agreement under pressure they will dismiss the agreement. Therefore it is important that the agreement be created together with input from both sides. Before setting up your agreement come and speak with us. We can help the two of you come up with an effective agreement that suits the needs of your family and ensure that any agreements made are fair.

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