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Protection Orders

Protection orders FAQ

How long does a protection order last?

Protection orders usually end after 1 year unless a judge places a different end date in the order.

Where is my protection order valid?

Protection orders created in BC are generally only valid and enforceable within BC.

What if my protection order conflicts with another court order?

Protection orders must be obeyed before all other orders and therefore take priority over other orders in the event of a conflict.

What happens if my protection order isn't obeyed?

If a protection order is breached the police can arrest and charge the offender with a criminal offence. The order will explain the powers the police have in such a case.

What if I need to change my protection order?

Before making any changes to your protection order come and talk to us. We will guide you through your options and the consequences of any changes you might make so that any changes you make will be fully informed.

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