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Spousal Support

Making Changes to Spousal Support

After a divorce both partners start down new paths in each of their lives and over time things change. Careers may change, a person may retire, win the lottery or situations may come up that result in prolonged illness or chronic injury that affect a persons career path and ability to work. Whenever life changes occur they can cause a once fair spousal support order to become unfair. If this is the case for you and you need to get your spousal support order changed contact us. We can help you prove that your current agreement has become unfair and find a new solution that meets your needs.

The Importance of Reviewing Support Orders Regularly

Conversely if the agreement skews in your favor due to a recent pay raise or lottery win you are obligated to notify the other party. Therefore it is important that spousal support orders be reviewed on a regular basis, often annually. Courts have set aside existing support orders in the past when it was revealed that one party didn't inform the other of a substantial life change. We can help you avoid ending up in situations like this by providing you with a annual support order review.

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