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Spousal Support

Does Spousal Support Last Forever?

No spousal support does not nor should it last forever. Usually an agreement or order that is put in place will have an expiry or indicate a fixed time period for which payment should be made. Spousal support is never automatically awarded. The recipients applying for support must be prepared to defend their reasons for seeking spousal support. The court will not only take into the consideration the needs of the recipient applicant but also the ability of the payer to make payments going forward along with many other factors listed in the determining support section. When applications for support are made there is usually a time of negotiation between the two parties to come to an agreement. Collaborative measures and negotiation often result in the best outcomes in such scenarios.

We have the experience required to guide you through this process and negotiate for your purpose to ensure you get a fair result. Should it be necessary to go to court you can rest assured we will have your back.

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